Mancika Designs offers guilt-free accessories, as each jewelry element is repurposed – as well as complete uniqueness – no two pieces are the same.

Value in the unique and beautiful should not be limited to High Street brands or over-priced designer wear. Neither should the materials. Beauty is an individual perception, as well as a taught set of schemes. Let us break down the barriers and confinements of so-called luxury items, to not only be made from precious stones and metals – which unfortunately are often far from being ethically sourced – let us celebrate treasure in the creativity!

​Striving towards maintaining a zero waste workshop, the only trash generated is the packaging which the ear wires and findings are delivered in. The materials are all saved waste. Wine/champagne corks, glossy paper, vintage jewelry, fruit net, plastic straws… 


Hi! I’m Anna or Mancika : ) I was born in Sydney, Australia and had the privilege of growing up on the world famous Bondi Beach. Environmentalism has always been a key element in my life as has the creative fun of upcyling and collaging. As a teen, I was a real hippy, dressing from 2nd hand clothes and opting for the more colourful rather than ‘fashionable’ grey. Individualism is most celebrated through our choice of clothes and we can convey a lot about who we are though our choice of garment/accessory. 

​Having become a mother to twins at 21, my career choices where most often driven by practicality rather than passion. This did not stop me from pursuing my passion as a hobby, brushing up my skills through trial and error – not having the opportunity to study craftsmanship at an institution. 

​Moving to Hungary – the country of my family – in 2012, with my two boys was yet another massive change. Living in a small apartment with the bare essentials and having to be home most nights, my spare time was spent making things – always using what was already at hand. Hence, upcycling came to rescue me from boredom again.

In 2019 however, after the birth of my youngest son, I decided I no longer wish to be just a hobby artist/jeweler. Having gained enough confidence and experience during the creative phases, my next learning curve will be online marketing 😉 

As most makers, I most enjoy creative processes and collaborations with like-minded designers. Wish me luck!